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About Gentle-Men Movers
‚ÄčAt Gentle-Men Movers, Being in the Toledo, Ohio moving service industry for more than 25 years now, we knew that if we wanted to put together the best moving services in Toledo, Ohio - Bowling Green, Ohio we would have to put together a team of the best movers Toledo has to offer. We make it our personal mission to ensure that we offer only the very best moving services to our valued Patrons. If you don't consider us friends by the end of our business then we have failed. That's the standard we hold ourselves to.

Most of our customers come to us for residential or business relocation services. In Northwest Ohio, residents move from county to county on occasion. Businesses either switch locations or open a new location, requiring relocation for each event. Gentle-Men Movers handles the entire process for residential and business moves, no matter the requirements. Similarly, we offer product and material delivery services for businesses. Residents can take advantage of in-home furniture moving services, too.

Potential customers can contact us for a free moving quote during normal business hours. After receiving a quote, most callers decide to hire us for their relocation needs. We send a trained team of movers to the location in question. Every worker is trained and experienced with every aspect of the moving process. When a team arrives at the location, they carefully wrap and remove everything that's leaving the premises. Furniture and other items are then moved to their intended destination.

Our workers are trained in the latest safety protocols for residential and business relocation. Therefore, they exercise caution with every item they move from property to property. Each worker focuses on avoiding damage to buildings and belongings throughout the process. Gentle-Men Movers believes in putting safety ahead of everything else, and our workers are still highly productive.

For delivery services and in-home moving, we offer competitive rates unmatched by our competitors. Gentle-Men Movers attempts to accommodate customers with whatever their needs are when they contact us. Our teams can deliver large or oddly shaped products and materials to a given destination. Likewise, tems will rearrange an entire home's interior to a customer's liking. Other companies claim to be dedicated to their clients, and we prove ourselves in that regard every single time.

Gentle-Men Movers doesn't charge extra for services that we believe are part of the average move. We're BBB accredited, licensed, and insured, so feel free to contact us today!"
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